Parking Fine Appeal: Appeal Successful

In a post about a week ago, I recounted the parking summon I got, and the steps to take to submit an appeal (The appeal procedure is dependent on whose jurisdiction the carpark is under).

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Housing and Development Board

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | HDB

It was a success. HDB considered the appeal, and “decided to exercise flexibility and waive the above notice.” Thank God, and thanks to the officer for being so nice and forgiving. 🙂 Shall remind myself to display coupons the next time.

As promised, here is my appeal note to HDB (edited to remove personally identifiable information).

Dear Officer

I understand and acknowledge the consequences for the infringement of the law with regards to parking without displaying a coupon. However, there is no malicious intention, on my part, to manipulate or to cheat the system.

Apart from this one-off incident, I have played an active role in consciously fulfilling all obligations of the law of Singapore’s roads all these years. Thus, out of your goodwill, I would be thankful if this fine for this one-off error of failing to display a parking coupon can be waived off.

A Citizen of Singapore


3 thoughts on “Parking Fine Appeal: Appeal Successful

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  2. Dear sir,

    I am a 77 year old senior citizen. On 29 June 2013 I developed high fever. My body was aching. I was unable to walk long distance. At about 8 am, I drove my car SX 999 S to car park A55 and parked it at lot 50 which is nearest to Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic to consult a doctor for fear that I might develop dengue fever. I was alone. In my eagerness to see a doctor, I did not realise I had parked my car in a reserved for residents.

    On my returned to my car at about 10.50 am, I saw a female parking attendant putting a parking notice on my car windscreen. I approached her and begged her to give me a chance. She could not do so as notice the data had entered into the system and it could not be deleted. She advised me to make an appeal to your good office for a waiver.

    The notice number is H5309813x. I look forward to your kind consideration to waive this summons.

    Thanking you inticipation.

    Ling Diung Kwong

    • Hi there

      Please submit your appeal via the right channel – HDB’s website. This blog is not run by HDB.


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