COM432: Repeat Again


The grammatical mistake in this entry’s title is intentional and for emphasis. more details in a while. 2nd paper of the semester is done. One more to go. And the next one is in 7 days time. How awesome. Loads of time to study, which means a saturated brain and a jaded BIG_MOUSE.

Okay, back to this paper. Studying for it wasn’t really easy – no proper reading materials, and lecture notes which were disorganized and rather confusing because two lecturers took us for this semester (the original professor fell sick and thus, this issue). However, because the information on their slides were repeated (maybe for reemphasis), there wasn’t really much to digest after consolidating all the information.

This concept of redundancy reappeared in the exam paper. I repeated quite a few points in my answers for several questions. The questions were quite confusing and ambiguous. Good that it allowed for more vague answers, but bad because the answers overlapped each other. I hope I didn’t give out-of-point answers.

Anyway, COM432 was taken by ‘relief’ professors this semester, so this review may not be that accurate next year/semester 🙂

For now, it’s time for a well-deserved break. Studying restarts tomorrow. 🙂 (my first proper blogpost on the iPad. Interesting)


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