Quarter-life Crisis

Finally, a little breather for me to publish this post about a particular quarter-life syndrome. I am not sure if people my age (20s) feel this too though.

The quarter-life syndrome – The reality of life that our physical bodies are no more invincible to illnesses, sprains, etc. We are no longer super-human beings with superhuman powers to resist the inevitable.

There came a time when I was plagued with various physical ailments that I just felt like crap – cracking knees and extended periods of stomach flu symptoms in addition to other minor conditions.

Suddenly, I just felt real old then. There was this sudden realisation that I was no longer able to do things kids do – jumping and running around for hours on end, cycling like a madman for tens of kilometres, overloading on junk food, etc.

My physical body has changed, the quarter-life crisis.



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