Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Borders Gift Card

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Borders Gift Card

I think I got this as a birthday present from a Sunday School teacher. I think. Can’t remember.

Bye bye Borders. Although I don’t really patronise your branch in the city, I still remember walking through your open-concept bookstore to get to the cheapest parking lots in the CBD area. And and, I remember buying my first 2 copies of Top Gear from you. Good bye, you will be missed.

Thankfully, I claimed the valued in the gift card like 4 years ago. Just hope that the rest of the consumers with leftover values in their gift cards can too.

Also, there is a massive clearance sale that started yesterday at Expo with a storewide discount of 50%. By the end of the sale on Tuesday, I am guessing that discounts will reach 80-90%. I couldn’t get anything yesterday as the single queue that winded around the whole hall looked intimidatingly long. And it really was.



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