Crazy Little Thing Called Hub – Life. HUB IT!

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Sparky's in love, but he lost his love. Help him!

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Sparky's in love, but he lost his love. Help him!

Qn: What happens when Sparky, a Singaporean Jack Russell, loses sight of the love of his life in the TV world?

Ans: A responsible owner takes out an ad, offers a huge reward…and…organises a Love Tail Contest for all to chip in.

Love Tail Adventure (26 Aug – 10 Sep)

Image | StarHub | HUB IT! app available for iPhones and Androids

Image | StarHub | HUB IT! app available on iPhones & Androids

What better way to do enlist the public’s help but to invite the audience right into Sparky’s searching-for-love adventure via Singapore’s 1st interactive commercial which will air on StarHub TV channels and on YouTube come August 2011.

Using a newly-launched free application – HUB IT! – for iPhones and Androids, we all can help Sparky find his love by interacting with the characters and the scenes in the commercial via our mobile phones.

18 clues, through hidden scenes, tasks, videos, games and more, will be revealed between 26 August and 10 September. Solve them all to unlock the map that will lead you to Sparky’s dream girl. You will be stand a chance to be rewarded too for your hard work.

2 dogs, 1 love and loads of fun! This video provides a succinct summary in less than 2 minutes. Watch it to get a headstart. 🙂

Photo | StarHub | One step closer

Photo | StarHub | One step closer

I was given a chance to try my hands at interacting with the commercial a few days ago. It was quite an interesting experience I have to say. Pointing a phone to a commercial playing on screen felt a little weird at first, felt really self conscious and all. But after fiddling with it and playing a short old-school-looking bitmap-ish game, I got the hang of it and managed to get one step closer to finding Sparky’s girl. It was quite addictive that we just wanted to continue ‘playing’ even when the emcee told us to stop. 😛

Note that this journey with Sparky to find his love is open to all Singaporeans/Permanent Residents. Here are 3 easy steps to help Sparky out (and win cash and prizes up to $100,000 too).

Photo | StarHub | HUB IT! Landing Page

Photo | StarHub | HUB IT! Landing Page

STEP 1: Download the HUB IT! app onto your iPhone or Android phone.

STEP 2: From 26 Aug to 10 Sep, a clue will be released everyday. Click on the ‘CLUES’ tab to receive your clues.

STEP 3: Tap on ‘FETCH-A-REWARD’ and align your mobile phone camera with the interactive commercial on the TV or YouTube. Tap on the characters and scenes on your mobile phone to unlock tasks, and win prizes too. (Hint: Notice the small ‘tap now’ bubble in the image below. Clicking it will bring up something cool. ALSO, remember to turn up your TV/computer speakers reasonably loud.:))

Photo | StarHub | Tap Now

Photo | StarHub | Tap Now

Enjoy the adventure!!!



Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Hubbing redefined: LIFE. HUB IT!

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Hubbing redefined: LIFE. HUB IT!

This campaign is in line with StarHub’s bid to redefine ‘Hubbing’. 9 years since the introduction, the Hubbing concept has matured from just offering discounts of subscription plans to emphasising the customer experience. It’s new tagline -LIFE. HUB IT! – promises customers a more exciting life, by giving anything, anytime, anywhere.

Time will tell if this branding campaign will be able to positively influence, maintain and even improve customers’ opinions and experiences with its products and services. For now, it looks real promising and as a ‘Green’ camp customer myself, I sincerely hope it will.



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