TCC: An Affordable Birthday

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Birthday Greetings from TCC

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Birthday Greetings from TCC

What a surprise.

I just received a mailer from TCC (The Coffee Connoisseur) to offer a 50% discount on my first visit to any TCC outlet during my birthday month. This birthday treat from TCC beats their just-concluded GSS promotion that offered 1 free main course for every main course purchased.

What a surprise. Unexpected. 50% discount is lovely. Normally, I don’t splurge on TCC menu items as they are seriously expensive. Now, I will be able to eat and drink more, for the same price. Lovely.

I don’t think TCC does media monitoring, but if you see this blog post, I feel honoured to be a TCC privilege cardholder. At the very least, you did your job well as I actually am feeling quite privileged now. 🙂

So, now you may want to know how to qualify for their The Connoisseur Card?

Simply spend a minimum of $88 * at any tcc art boutique cafe to be eligible. Request for the application form available in-store and attach the receipt(s) to the completed form before handing it over to our service crew who will assist you in processing your application. *Accumulated receipts allowed

(Random: Connoisseur is still one of those words – diarrhea, etc – which I can’t spell out correctly the first time without referring to a dictionary)


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