NDP 2011 Fun Pack ‘Jingle’: The Lyrics

I can’t really hear the video clearly. Do let me know if there are any mistakes. Thanks! (And we thought that Rebecca’s Friday is bad enough =p) But how is this related to the Government in anyway; stop blasting the government mindlessly.

Fun Pack ‘Jingle’ Lyrics (If you really really want to, please sing along to Gaga’s Bad Romance)

Let’s start with the bag
That’s right, grab your bag
It’s the fun pack bag
Attack the fun pack

Hold up your flag, don’t you forget
You can wave it, if you feel like it
Let’s wave the flag
Wave, wave, wave
Let’s wave the flag

(Very nice Singapore, well done)

Take out your light stick, it’s two of a kind
It’s interactive, means you can join
Just pretend
Oh, oh, oh
It’s a disco

I want Newater and I want a cold drink
You and me let’s share a bit
I want a biscuit and I want a sweet
You and me let’s share this treat

Kopi O oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Time for the fun pack song
Kopi O oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh
We like the fun pack song


NDP Comm, thanks for this 🙂


Update (6Jul): Several excepts from the Straits Times report about this rip-ff

“But we did not realise that the rights obtained did not include rights to modify the lyrics of the song. We are currently working to rectify this,” said the chairman of the NDP show segment, Colonel Ong Tze-Ch’in.

The words of the Fun Pack song were penned to reflect the “musical concept of NDP 2011” (NDP creative director Beatrice Chia-Richmond).

Dick Lee commented that this song may be “inappropriate” for the nation’s birthday.


It doesn’t take a detective to figure out who lifted stuff from this post without due credit.

Exhibit 1: YouTube user: otraonline lifted my older version, one with loads of errors and inaudible stuff, wholesale. (6 Jul 1800hrs: Said YouTube user has since included the appropriate credits in his video description.)


Update (8Jul): Via NDPeeps Facebook post

Dear Fellow Singaporeans, the NDP 2011 Committee would like to sincerely thank everyone for their feedback. After careful consideration, we have decided not to use the “Funpack Song” for NDP, and are no longer seeking adaptation rights for “Bad Romance”. We are committed towards making NDP 2011 a memorable event for all Singaporeans on 9 Aug and will always welcome your feedback. Majulah, the Singapore Spirit!


6 thoughts on “NDP 2011 Fun Pack ‘Jingle’: The Lyrics

  1. Holy fudge…
    I say there should be a law against raping and strangling songs like that… Now lets hope Gaga sues Singapore government for this so they wont be doing this never ever again.

    Eitherway, i doubt this is the official NDP song. Otherwise, i think its time for me to leave this country. If the song that is written for Singaporeans, i guess i am not a real Singaporean anymore…

    I mean like WTF!? Kopi Oh o o o o o o o o!?

    (on a small sidenote; i think its not the fun Pack Pack, but the fun Back Pack,)

    • Thanks for your comment. 🙂 I get their intentions for doing up this song – to get people involved and all. But I think the main thing here is how the NDP Comm has allowed the total change of the lyrics to a popular tune.

      Good idea, but slightly wrong way of doing it.

      And yea, the lyrics are somewhat weird too.

      Thanks for the headsup. Have edited the lyrics. 🙂

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