Inflation strikes again: StarHub Cable TV ups subscription rates

StarHub has announced a two-dollar-per-month increase on all their basic group subscription rates which will start appearing in customers’ bills from August 2011. This increase applies to new and existing customers too. For more details, please click here to access their Rate Increase site. FAQs and query submission forms are all included there.

Screen shot | | the two-dollar increase

Screen shot | | the two-dollar increase

Screen shot | StarHub Facebook Wall | Their announcement on social medium

Screen shot | StarHub Facebook Wall | Their announcement on social medium

And as at 2211 hrs, 29 June, there are 20 likes and a total of 147 comments. No other status updates from them got such a ‘lively’ response (I think). Recalls some PR course in school: Any publicity is still publicity. 🙂

However, to me, I think there are two main issues fueling this ‘anger’ against StarHub (but but, I think using vulgarities mindlessly in the comment thread doesn’t make you any stronger or make your point any clearer.)

  1. The user experience.
    1. Out of nearly 41,000 Facebook page likes, it may seem that very few people are voicing out their displeasure and/or opinions about this increase. Which may be true too. $2 dollars per month isn’t a lot, seriously. This increase of 8.33% ($2/24) pales in comparison to the 20% ($0.10/#0.50) increase of the price of the unhealthy, oily fried dough sticks sold at Fengshan Market, and to the 25% increase of petrol prices (from $1.6 to 2 per litre). $2 increase isn’t really a big issue, to me at least. I will pay for quality content.
    2. Any increase will cause frustrations and unhappiness, but this time round, I don’t think the focus is on the 2-dollar increase.
    3. Then what?
    4. Customer experience perhaps? People are unwilling to pay more to extend the lousy user experience when using StarHub-related products or services.
    5. However, till now, I have not experienced incredibly bad customer service from StarHub. When I read (sometimes super vulgar, and sometimes badly-worded) posts online about people’s experiences with StarHub, I keep asking myself why I do not go through those frustrations as well. Maybe all those frustrations ended when I left SingTel like 10 years ago. 😉
    6. But their callback promises usually not fulfilled though – You need to chase them a bit to get them moving.
  2. The increase applies to customers bonded by contracts too.
    1. Most of the comments were directed at how customers who are already on contract will need to ‘accept’ this price increase. Some customers were also bonded recently and still have to stomach this increase.
    2. Thankfully, I am still on a 3-month-totally-free-and-no-contract with StarHub TV, so I can still change my mind.
    3. However, I found an official reply from them about customers who are on contract – submit your queries to StarHub Cares Facebook App. (and nope, I am not Dan. haha)
Screen shot | StarHub Facebook Wall | For customers on contract

Screen shot | StarHub Facebook Wall | For customers on contract

There are always two sides to a coin though. Straight after this announcement, some industry watchers have increased their target share prices for StarHub by nearly 10 cents for some. Maybe 20 investors clicked the ‘like’ button. 🙂


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