The reality of life

Life on Earth is seriously tough. But that reality didn’t really affect me up till a few days ago, when internship ended. I have just about a year left in school, before being thrown into, literally, the fire of life. All these 23ish years of life, I have been sheltered under my parents’ wings and under our education system which doesn’t really have loads of alternatives to choose from anyway (I don’t mean it in a bad way either).

In about a year’s time, I will be officially (in my definition at least) an adult. No more education system to shelter me anymore. There are so many alternatives now, the uncharted future just seems so big, so scary, so abstract. There is no more a fixed route to aim for, to look forward to, and to just follow without needing much considerations.

However, in life on earth, I (we) have two unchanging pillars – God and the Holy Spirit. Accepting God as personal Saviour is not enough. Total surrender to Him should be the resultant action. Maybe I need to do just that, to stop worrying and worrying and worrying about the future.

God, help me.


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