#sosingaporean drivers are everywhere

A common occurrence, so don’t flame this driver only. He was just suay (unfortunate) enough to ‘appear’ in this video that has been submitted to the relevant authorities.

Screen shot | gothere.sg | Red circle marks the spot

Screen shot | gothere.sg | Red circle marks the spot

Along Ubi Ave 2, there is only ONE traffic signal-controlled Right-Hand-Turn lane into Ubi Rd 1. However, on a daily basis, inconsiderate drivers create their own turn-right lane using the middle lane along Ubi Ave 2, which can be very dangerous as Ubi Rd 1’s merging lane is really short. There already have been a few near-misses these few months.

Mishaps will take place if our TP (traffic police) doesn’t take enforcement action against these inconsiderate drivers, or if LTA doesn’t widen the roads or create one more turn-right lane along Ubi Ave 2 and widen Ubi Rd 1 to ease the early-morning traffic bottleneck.

We are getting sick of drivers who don’t obey rules AND cause distress to others. Please don’t wait for a major accident to happen here to do something. Do something now.

Update #1 (1 hour after my mail to LTA/TP) – LTA said that it is currently studying schemes to make enhancements to the Ubi Ave 2 and Ubi Road 1. They are studying if they can enhance the junction to facilitate more right turn movements and improve Ubi Road 1 to discharge the traffic better. They have also requested TP to assist in the enforcement of motorists who flout traffic rules.


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