It is now called Hyundai Elantra 2011: Once bitten, twice shy, three times go test drive

For more details about this new object (that I really wanna lay my hands on), please see my other posts.

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  3. One bitten, twice shy, three times go test drive (current article)

This post shall be dedicated to the test drive experience (and I hope I don’t digress, too much).

Test drive

Finally, with our 3rd time at the showroom, we managed to arrange for a test drive because Korea only delivered one Elantra for “viewing purposes only”. We will not be able to commit without testing the car first, since cars are like almost SGD100,000 now. So please, do not wholly accept what the Sales Exec blast you with. Test drive it yourself to actually know what you are paying for. For me, ride quality is as important as the external looks/trimmings.

So here goes.

  • Suspension
    • The main issue I have with the current Avante is the over-ly suspension, which causes terrible body roll during hard cornering (but helps for the straights).
    • This new torsion beam setup at the rear of the Elantra helps keep the body roll under control. For its price, you can’t complain.
    • At least less people will feel car sick if you decide to attack some corners quickly.
  • Engine
    • The new engine makes more ‘noise’ when idling (may be due to the missing insulation material underneath the bonnet.
    • Still sounds unrefined at higher RPMs (to me its nice though).
    • Revvs more freely compared to the old Avante cause it is more powerful? 🙂
  • 6 Speed transmission
    • Silky smooth man
    • Shifts quickly
    • 6th gear doesn’t kick in till about 100km/h
  • Ride quality
    • Driving down straights is as comfortable as the Avante.
    • Bumps are absorbed relatively well, sound insulation is superb.
  • Visibility
    • All around visibility still alright with reasonably-sized windows.
    • The huge A-beam panels in front may obscure your line-of-sight to pedestrians though.
  • Others
    • Didn’t have enough time to test the audio system, nor take note of the number of speakers in the car, but the audio system is no more done by pioneer – all stock from Korea – but it sounds alright. Hear it for yourself though.
And based on these factors, I am pleased with the quality churned out with this Korean company. However, this price is not right. Based on the assumed OMV of 13k and including taxes and stuff, this car is way overpriced (currently at 91k for the elite version without sunroof). And Komoco, I heard, have always added a premium to their car prices for the first few batches of new shipments. Let’s see how the prices fluctuates in the near future.

Official Launch of the 2011 Hyundai Elantra

Before I go off, here’s an SMS sent by a Sales Exec at Komoco, and I quote (Mistakes inherent from source),

You’re cordially invited to our official launch of the new Elantra on fri, 3/6 from 6pm to 10pm and sat and sun, 4/6 and 5/6 from 11am to 10pm. Come down and join us to celebrate this special occasion fill with foods and door gifts.

I heard that the shipment is in Singapore already (01 June), and customers will receive their cars in mid-June.


3 thoughts on “It is now called Hyundai Elantra 2011: Once bitten, twice shy, three times go test drive

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