This takes the cake

Post inspired by Dad. Thanks!

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Dad trying to make a creamy rose

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Dad trying to make a creamy rose

We normally just see pretty cakes chilling in clean glass display cases – their decorations crying out for you to buy them, their bright colours tempting, and it all boils down to the the irresistible need to have some sugar in our blood.

They look nice and all pretty doing nothing in their air-conditioned place of rest. We are shielded, insulated from the whole process of making them sugared flour. We seldom know what takes place behind the doors of the bakeries.

Well, we had the chance to. My dad decided to have a blank, undecorated cake for my sister’s birthday. He wanted to decorate in front of everyone who was invited, and he also wanted some of them to also contribute to the final design. It was really a cool idea – decorating your own cake that you are going to eat. Cool!.

And yes, the process wasn’t easy at all. The undecorated chocolate-cream-base cake couldn’t fit into the freezer at the chalet. We had to go back to the bakery to store it there in the meantime to stop it from melting. While waiting, a customer accidentally destroyed part of the cake when she placed her bread tray on top of the cake. The confectioner had to touch up the cake with more chocolate sauce/liquid/whatever you call it. Because of the touchup, the cakes look weird, and he had to create a rose to conceal the patched up area. Back at the chalet, whilst decorating the cake, my dad squirted too much cream onto the top (and so not going to post that picture).

There were quite a lot of (funny) drama just to get this cake idea done. But it was fun.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Decorating-in-Progress

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Decorating-in-Progress

And I quote Dad =

“Prior to the celebration, we were at the confectionery to see the process of making cake by the professional to also learn on how to make decorations. What we usually see is the finished work but we have gained insight of how laborious it is with much careful hands and passion will it turns out beautiful. So is the making of the life of my daughter and had the opportunity to share this story with the rest that night. AND WITHOUT HIM, nothing of which we can accomplish.”

Sometimes, we should not just focus on the end results, but on the more fulfilling process leading up to the conclusion as well.


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