Starbucks: Customer Service

First things first, please remember to register your Starbucks card online after purchase. You will get a free cup of coffee after registering. The account balance in your registered card will also be protected should you lose it.

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Starbucks: 13th drink is free

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Starbucks: 13th drink is free

Look at the last line of the fine print: Rewards are valid for one month from the date of issue.

It doesn’t matter if no one informed you, you forgot to check, or any other excuses you can think of, the free 13th drink from Starbucks expires one month after the purchase of your 12th drink.

My message to Starbucks Customer Service when I found out that my free drink offer has expired :

Hi there. I have supported Starbucks all these while, and definitely, also in the hope that I will be able to claim my free drink after buying 12 from you. However, when I tried to redeem it today, I was told that my free drink offer had expired. All these while, no one staff told me that I could redeem my drink, or that the offer is only valid for 1 month after my 12th drink. Is there any way you could allow me to claim that free drink. Please give me a call as soon as possible.

Sadly, a working day after the submission, no one bothered to call me. The 2nd day since the submission, I tried to call the main line 6513 7500 at 9am. Even though their hotline opens at 9am, all the selectable options that I depressed led me to a voicemail message saying that no one was at the phone right now – even the media relations selection led me to a recorded message.

It was really irritating. Long story cut short, despite the atrocious customer experience I went through, they were nice enough to give me 7 more days to claim my free cup of coffee (the offer applies to any flavour and any size too).

I have checked your Starbucks Card account. Your complimentary beverage coupon expired on 15May.  I have however, extended the date to 1st June. You can now go to any of our participating Starbucks outlets and have your favourite complimentary beverage by 1st June.

Thank you.


Sabariah | starbucks card customer care specialist |Starbucks Coffee Singapore |

I am a happy (easily pleased, I hope) customer. 🙂


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