Singapore is a food haven (not)

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | You call this food?

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | You call this food?

Pardon this super delayed post. Was trying to recall the name of the restaurant we went to a few months back.

Food is food, and I love food. Usually, my taste buds are not that picky with food. They will accept food of reasonable quality. (And I don’t really like to do bad reviews about food establishments.) Unfortunately….

This plate of nobody-knows-what (teriyaki chicken rice apparently) was unarguably the worst I have tasted in my entire life on Earth. The chicken bits were cold. rock hard and just plain unedible. A second serving of warm teriyaki sauce, which took them quite a while to prepare, didn’t help soften anything or improve the taste. The un-fresh looking chicken bits still remained cold.

The only thing that ‘saved’ this dish was the chicken-smelling rice. The warm serving of chicken rice tasted and smelt, thankfully, similar to the stalls serving roasted meat products at our cheaper food courts.

There was nothing special about this dish. In all honesty, this shouldn’t even be called food. Gordon Ramsay would be very unhappy, extremely pissed in fact. And this unsatisfying dinner set costed me over S$10 (i think) not including GST and service charge.

There is this inner conflict whether to reveal the name of the restaurant – The Mussel Guys (Vivo City). I decided to go ahead after browsing through lousy comments on review sites (1, 2) about its food served and service rendered. Looking at all those reviews, I am surprised they are still around.


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