#thankful for #Singapore

I always go ‘ah’ and ‘wow’ when I see nice clouds or clear blue skies in Malaysia. With no assignments to complete or deadlines to meet, I normally have loads of time to stare out the window of the hotel, resort, or country club in Malaysia to enjoy the scenery.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Singapore, my homeland

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Singapore, my homeland

Why pay more to go overseas to enjoy nice scenery? We should be #thankful that Singapore has nice skies, and a greenish environment. Just put down our pens and look up from our monitors or screens to enjoy nature. We are usually too busy to fully take in the sights in Singapore. #lovely view from the building I’m working in. Picture taken with the ailing Nokia N97 mini (Most likely won’t buy any more Nokias.).

Slightly off-topic –

Although I’m #thankful for our Traffic Police bikers (bottom centre of picture) who (sometimes) catch and reprimand drivers of heavy vehicles who unceasingly love to speed and/or hog lanes, I still have this urge to slow down every time they ride past even though I am well within the speed limit. #interesting.


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