The mid-week syndrome is actually greater than Mondays’ blues. Every Wednesday is like a mid life crisis. You reflect about the last 2 days, the ups, the downs, the good and the bad. Then you are suddenly hit rather hardly knowing that there are 2 more days to the weekends. So near, yet so far.

Muahaha, this is why I look forward to The Straits Times’ Digital Life (they even have a Facebook page that they use properly). I at least have something to look forward to every Wednesday to break the week up into Pre-DL, Post-DL and the weekends – makes the whole 5-day-work-week that much more palatable.

Now with their new-designed look, reading it is so much more engaging with nicer covers, better stories and more reviews.

And psst, read today’s review on fibre broadband. StarHub is DL’s choice. Can’t wait for slow OpenNet to install those ugly trunking in my house. I want Fibre like right now!.


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