Define Creative

A organisation has to live up to its name. And sometimes, the name of the company refers to an ideal that may not be achievable. Here’s a true account about the issues I’ve had with Creative that I feel people should know about.

I know many people who dislike products churned out by Creative. To them, the organisation was good many years back. Now, they create and produce lackluster products. Being me, I decided to give the local company a chance to prove itself. I also wanted to experience for myself the wonders of being a customer.

Image | Creative | GigaWorks T3

Image | Creative | GigaWorks T3

Lifted off their website. I was actually impressed with this system.

Defining audio precision in style

The GigaWorks T3 takes audio enjoyment to a whole new level, with the integration of innovative design, premium components and state-of-the-art technologies. This premium 2.1 speaker setup combines a perfect blend of quality and elegance to deliver precise hi-fi quality audio like no other.

With its minimalist design, it is the perfect addition to your desktop, living room or bedroom. Designed for discerning audio enthusiasts, the GigaWorks T3 is ideal for high-quality music, gaming or movies – a true top performer for all your multimedia entertainment audio needs.

Hearing the Creative GigaWorks T3 2.1 speaker system at Challenger, I was even more impressed with the sound quality reproduced. The subwoofer was also quite awesome, didn’t have the air sounds like the ported versions. And for s$277 with Challenger points (UP: $299), I paid a premium for this system even though I’ve heard so many things about Creative.


Then things started going downhill from then onwards.

Within a month of the purchase, the system couldn’t be powered on. I sent it all the way to Jurong, their sole service centre, and they replaced the subwoofer unit.

Within a few months after that replacement, something went wrong again. The volume fluctuated erratically – A minute, it was loud, another, it became really soft. I tried everything I can, problem didn’t disappear. I emailed them immediately. However, it took them almost two weeks to get back to me with a proper reply. Finally after much negotiations, they agreed to get this whole problematic unit replaced.

Just a few days ago, within a week after receiving the replacement set from Creative, the new system died on me again. They are going to send me another replacement set, without option for refund (whether full or partial).


All the issues I faced, and the probable causes are widely documented on the Internet. I’m afraid I’ve lost trust in this Singapore brand. What is more irritating is this (see image below).

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Creative Tech Service Centre opening hours

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Creative Tech Service Centre opening hours

The sole service centre is closed on Public Holidays, Sats and Suns. Nvm. Open til 6.30pm on weekdays. How will it be possible for any working adult, apart from those working in Boon Lay, to make it there on time? Even Apple’s service centres open, at the very last, on Saturdays to cater to hardworking people earning their keeps.

And Creative has no hotline to call in. At least StarHub has 1633 for you to rant at. You can only email them at or via their web-based contact form. If the email support doesn’t work out for you, please call 68954000 to speak to their receptionist at their HQ to get them to escalate the case.

Feel free to comment below should you need any advice or clarifications about the problems I faced. Thanks!


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