No need for Correction Tape/Liquid/Fluid with Pilot Frixion Point

Once my Pilot G2 pen runs out of ink, I will just go to the bookstore and just buy a refill without even glancing at the rest. Nothing stands out from racks after racks of pens from different manufacturers. My trusty G2 served me well all these years, and I didn’t want to spend money trying out others which may disappoint me.

BIG_MOUSE | Photo | Pilot FriXion Point in 10 different colours

BIG_MOUSE | Photo | Pilot FriXion Point in 10 different colours

These new pens (Pilot FriXion Point) from Pilot are actually quite exciting and thus may do just that.The features that stood out for me = Inks in 10 different colours and they are erasable!! The thermo-sensitive ink vanishes with a simple rub using the white translucent rubber stud.

I still remember those times of the ‘blue pen eraser’ which tore my writing paper whenever I tried to erase some complicated mathematical equations. The blue eraser dust which littered my table was only useful for mischievous purposes. With Pilot FriXion Point (quite a mouthful though), corrections are seriously fuss-free. I may never need to buy correction tape ever again.

A video demonstration just in case you are curious. The ‘disappearing act’ occurs when the ink is exposed to heat produced by friction. So please do not use it on documents where writing needs to be permanent, or where your documents may be subjected to temperatures above 65 Degree Celcius. (note: Teachers, please DO mark our scripts using these pens. =p)

This new $2.35 pen is significantly lighter than my old, trusty G2 which makes writing less strenuous. The rubber cushion grip, thankfully, works (unlike some other pens). The 0.5 tip of the FriXion seems so much more smoother compared to the G2. The vibrant ink doesn’t seep through 70GSM paper too.

I am so going to try out these colourful pens during the next essay writing quiz. I hope I can gain a small advantage by shaving a full second taken to write each paragraph of words. 🙂

For the next version, Pilot should create a refillable one. All about saving the environment yea. (And we can save some money too).


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