Powerful Suspension

2 planes collided recently with no casualties. Watching the video, I must say that the suspension setup of airplanes are quite formidable.

Since young, I have been very fascinated by the marvels of engineering – Planes, MRTs, trains, hydraulic actuators, explosions. 🙂 I just love exploring how things work. I would just stare at the doors of the MRT or SBS buses open and close. I would stand just beside a road hump to see cars tackle that obstacle.

My my, when I saw the above video. I was quite surprised that the impact didn’t do major damage to the smaller plane. The Comair plane just bobbed away despite being hit by the bigger, heavier A380 taxiing ‘slowly’ down the runway.

Engineering (some aspects of it). Amazing.

Below: audio clip of communications between the tower and the Comair flight after the incident


2 thoughts on “Powerful Suspension

  1. LOL, hi ‘me’ are you Jona?

    Yea, but to me, this collision is quite nonconventional too. It placed quite a lot of unevenstress on the suspension systems in a quick, powerful burst of energy.

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