SMRT, I don’t need a reminder

Dear SMRT, I don’t need to be reminded, on a daily basis no less, that our public transport infrastructure is in need of a major overhaul.

An alarm clock rings at a predetermined time in the morning. I love it for waking me up on time. I detest it for destroying my inception-ing moments. If I could, I would make the alarm clock disappear into thin air when it decides to play its anthem. SMRT, you are almost similar to an alarm clock that I love to hate. I would get rid of you from my life if I had the choice to. And you keep reminding me how terrible you are. Sad thing is that there is no snooze button for me to jab at.

You wanna know why? Do you even need me to tell you this?

Image | BIG_MOUSE | I can't see

Image | BIG_MOUSE | I can't see

The above phenomena happens when people in trains during peak hours are packed so tightly that a light-sensitive CCD/CMOS sensor receives no light at all.  🙂

What can go more wrong? Trains come in 4-minute intervals at 8am in the morning. Seriously, SMRT, seriously. We are already so squashed (back-to-face), and you still send your next train 4 minutes later. What up? Your train service in the morning is terrible. I wouldn’t call it a service at all.

Fine, as oldies like to say – it takes two hands to clap. Commuters also play a part in creating a nice public transport experience.

Just this morning, we were all queuing in one single file (so rare) at an MRT station waiting for the 3-minute train to come. Out of nowhere (boom!) came an auntie who decided to destroy the nice formation by squeezing near the platform screen doors. When the train doors opened, more aunties came out of nowhere (again!) and rushed into the train without queuing for their turn. How marvellous eh? It was so rare for so many commuters at this particular train station to queue up nicely. That nice NDP formation was utterly destroyed when the train pulled into the station. How like that?

Yes no doubt, People love the trains for being reliable, and for transporting heavy loads to their destinations safely. I applaud you for that, thus I am still patiently (running out though) for a miracle to happen.

If not, the moment I earn enough to get a personal vehicle, trust me, I will get one. (Yes, I will have to pay so much more taxes for this choice. Well, maybe that’s why.)


2 thoughts on “SMRT, I don’t need a reminder

  1. Haha,so the train was dark??? Aunties are liddat one mah, tt’s why they’re called aunties! Lol. But yea, I share ur annoyance, they can be v unreasonable.

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