All About Droplets

Do you know that the can of Coca Cola that you drank during your dinner date is way overpriced? Do you know that the bottle of mineral/distilled water you bought from Old Chang Kee, Watsons or Jack’s Place just tore a hold in your pocket?

Let’s break it down.

  • Coca Cola – 300/330ml – $1.20 at coffee shops, $6 dollars at some atas hotel downtown
  • Plain water – 500ml – $1.20 at Old Chang Kee, $2 at silly restaurants who don’t provide free water

Now to compare these liquid products to the viscous fluids being pumped at Esso, SPC and Shell. (Now I wonder why I missed out the Cow.)

Image | Internet | The evil pump is here to makan your money

Image | Internet | The evil pump is here to makan your money

Currently, a litre of petrol, 95 octane in super-high-standard-of-living Singapore costs $2.09. The most expensive one is from Shell’s V Power at $2.35.

Comparing these products side by side, petrol is, surprisingly, cheaper than Coca Cola and plain water. Why is no one complaining about fulfilling their soft-drink cravings at clubs, pubs, restaurants, and yet we are bothered about the prices of petrol. Why are we still buying mineral water from expensive sources.

I am not supporting SG’s petrol cartels (in fact, I am not happy with the current situation of them having the autonomy to increase prices as they deem fit). I am just suggesting that if we consume less soft drinks, and bring our own home-brewed plain water along to quench our thirst, we would, in fact, save quite a bit of money. And maybe our health too, as each can of soft-drink contains about 12 tablespoons of sugar (correct me if i’m wrong, please).

Note: Adapted from an Internet article I saw a while back. Can’t remember the source though. And oh yea, electricity tariffs will go up by 6.1% starting next month. Wow whee.


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