the never ending chase

What needs to be topped up every now and again? You will never have enough of this.

Nope, not our bank accounts. Not a petrol tank. Not our 5Cs either.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Western Digital Drives

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Western Digital Drives

Oh yes, hard disk space. We are always in need of more digital storage space. It is never really enough man. These two RAID devices for Western Digital (My Book Mirror and Studio 2) are serving me really well though. They are currently on RAID 1 – data is constantly being mirrored from the primary hard disk onto the secondary hard disk. One drive fails, your data is still retrievable from the ‘spare’ hard disk.

The only disadvantage is that you will have less storage space. Each of the two enclosures above contains two 1TB drives. With RAID one, the effective storage space = 1TB as the 2nd physical drive is used for the mirroring process.

Finally, the nugget. So far, Inforcomm, Level 4, Funan IT Mall sells the cheapest WD drives. I got the studio 2 at 288, a whole 10 bucks cheaper than the cheapest deal at Sim Lim Square. Inforcomm’s service was really good too. Thumbs up.

P.S. RAID devices do have a weak point. If the RAID controller dies, you will be in for some mad mad rush to save your data.


2 thoughts on “the never ending chase

  1. Haha, are these wad guys go after? More digital gadgets to play with and! It’s indeed a never-ending chase! Hahaha! will u all ever get enough of techy stuff? Hehe

    • muahaha, hard disks are not just for guys man. Everyone needs storage space for music, movies, documents, revision notes and stuff. 🙂 haha

      but for general techie stuff, yea, i do feel that guys tend to chase after them more than girls. haha

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