a minute has less than 60 seconds

Many things have happened since my last post about 2 weeks ago.  Disasters appeared like they had a dateline to meet. Technology failed me again. Work has been taking up a bulk of my daily rest.

Seeing what Japan had to go through the past few weeks is just indescribable. Stories that warm people’s hearts are being retold over and over again. Slowly, but surely, those recollections reach our ears, here in Singapore.

I am especially sad when I heard that Miki Endo died whilst on duty. Her commanding voice warned dwellers about the incoming Tsunami, saving many lives. Her voice radiated through the town right up till the 10-metre waves wiped out the town hall she was in. Her parents are alive because of her and were interviewed by NHK Japan yesterday.

1) Her voice resounding through the PA warning systems. On the right of the image, the townhall she was in –

The world is still currently being rattled like never before. The border of Myammar and Thailand suffered the latest blow with 25 people confirmed dead. The nuclear crisis in Japan doesn’t seem to be improving with the cooling pumps still down.

With every tick of the clock, something tragic happens somewhere in the world. Rumours of war, war, earthquakes, floods, etc etc. Years ago, a minute had 60 seconds. Now, a minute just pass me by relatively quickly. Time just passes so fast now that I don’t even have the ‘time’ to reflect about time. This phenomena has to stop soon, before the phrase “life flashes before my eyes” comes true even when I am still alive.

But panic, we should not.

And on a random note, I still love animations. Be it Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks, it doesn’t matter. I love the films they make. oh, so cute. 🙂 Them being so cute really help me feel much better. BOLT!


One thought on “a minute has less than 60 seconds

  1. Haha! Time hasn’t changed, we have, the world has. Maybe it’s time to relook at what we’ve cluttered our lives with..haha! “I eat danger for breakfasttttt!!!” :p

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