The Cow Moos

I hate corporate talk, especially if they do not truly represent what their intentions ar. A good example of this would be Caltex, the most irritating company that keeps initiating price increases. The latest one was at 3pm, today, a humongous 4-cent increase.

Their spokesman repeats the sentence below every time they decide to rob consumers unfairly. Brackets are mine.

Caltex will continue to monitor the market (very) closely and adjust its discounts (down) and pump prices (up) when (un)necessary.

Caltex, please do drink your own fuel, and stop sucking our blood. And government, where is your anti-price-fixing thingy when we need you most.

I tried to be #thankful for everything this week, but this, no. I am so not going to be thankful for the ever-increasing petrol prices.


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