Milo Van Equivalent

Remember this?

Photo | HWZ Forums | Milo Van

Photo | HWZ Forums | Milo Van

I can still remember those days when I would rush to the green van to get my fix of malt and sugar. And one cup normally wasn’t enough. After the 5th cup, I would still crave for me. Nothing could ever stop me from emptying those jerry cans of delight.

Be it sports days, combined sports meet, fund raising, some charity walk, etc, I would always look out for this. There were times that the van never did come. I would be like so disappointed.

Those were the days. And oh, my last milo van experience was at the ILoveSingapore Walk 2010. 😛 And my, it was reeeaaaallllyy good.

This is just one of the many things this morning that warmed my heart. It’s as though I’ve got the pizza hut technology surrounding my heart (I am not endorsing that glorified aluminum foil though. :P).

And guess what. Coca Cola has their own red ”Happiness’ truck. Video below.

Watching the smiles on those faces, made my day as well. *warms*


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