I love grass-cutters. I love hair-cutters. I love cue-masters.

I don’t fancy queue-cutters though.

Every single morning, whilst turning right into Ubi Road 1, there will always be some irritants who decide to squeeze into the right-turning lane without waiting for their turn.

Some people think that they are special people or something. There is only one lane for right-hand turns. This group of motorists creates a temporary 2nd right-turn lane. Two rows of cars turning into the narrow Ubi Road 1. Potential disaster.

It takes two hands to clap. Cliche, but its quite true. People won’t be able to cut the queues of patient people, if everyone shows their displeasure at such behaviour. For example, don’t leave such a big gap for them to chap in. Use your horns too. 😛

Okay, enough rambling for today. Just got irritated by them this morning.



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