unknown facts: NTU Medical Centre (Gethin-Jones Medical Practice Pte Ltd)

Little known facts about NTU medical scheme need to be ‘exposed’ to as many people as possible.

The miscellaneous fees sucked from us every single semester are rarely questioned. In fact, there is no way to find out more about how these charges are calculated, and how they are justified. I would like to bring your attention to the S$32.10 we pay per semester. We have the rights to several benefits because of this payment to the external vendor.

1) THE LESSER KNOWN FACT: You can claim your medical expenses (subject to approval by Dr. Yeo at the campus Medical Centre) incurred at Polyclinics and Government Restructured Hospitals (SGH, CGH, etc). I just managed to claim about 60% of my medical bills brought about by the recent bout of stomach flu, fever and diarrhoea. I had to bring all my receipts to Dr Yeo and he processed everything.

Some notes:

    • All medical bills eligible for reimbursement must be claimed within 2 months of the date of the bill/receipt.
    • You will not receive 100% reimbursement as government hospitals and polyclinics have all recently increase their consultation rates and prices of medicine. Dr Yeo explained that NTU is still pegging reimbursement rates to the old charges as we students are still paying the same $64.20/year to NTU. He added that we will have to pay more each semester should NTU decide to revise the reimbursement schemes.
      • eg: My specialist consultation fee was $29. NTU Medical Centre only reimbursed me $21 because $21 was the old rates charged by SGH.
      • eg: My polyclinic consultation fee was $9.80. Thus, because NTU’s reimbursement scheme is still based on the former rates, they only reimbursed me $8.
    • Oh and yes, the clerk told me that the refund process will take 3 MONTHS. HOW EFFICIENT.
      • And if there is a delay, call their accountant, Mavis, at 66725661 (The cheque took close to 7 MONTHS to reach me.)

2) The 2nd main benefit: Free consultation (you save $15-30). Standard medicine prescriptions are also free. So if you wanna ‘make use’ of the $64.20 you spend every year, you need to visit this medical centre at least 4 times.

The medical scheme allows for free “Prepaid outpatient treatment at the Medical Centre on campus (non-standard drugs will be charged at cost).” (Source: NTU)

For more information about NTU’s medical schemes, please visit this link.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Location Map (NTU Medical Centre)

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Location Map (NTU Medical Centre)

Medical Centre, NTU (Gethin-Jones Medical Practice Pte Ltd)
1 Nanyang Avenue
SS3-B2-15 (South Spine, South Academic Complex, beside Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre)
Singapore 639798.

Call 6793-6974 or 6793-6828 during office hours for enquiries.

For Gethin-Jones Medical Practice Pte Ltd’s consultation hours, please click here.


2 thoughts on “unknown facts: NTU Medical Centre (Gethin-Jones Medical Practice Pte Ltd)

  1. oh wao thanks Phil, now that actually makes sense… but who’d actually want to visit the polyclinic (or the school’s clinic for that matter) when they are so bloody sick and still need to wait such a long queue?

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