Avante: Concluding post

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | After a 3-hour wax

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | After a 3-hour wax

Facts and figures
  • Current mileage (shouldn’t it be kilometerage): 94,000KM
  • 4 years 2 months old
  • No major unforeseen breakdowns or problems except for
    • a month after purchase – a leak in a rubber seal which allowed rainwater to seep into the car. it was fixed during the 1k servicing
    • recurring issue – side slipping. the car keeps drifting to the left. Komoco, and most tyre alignment shops, blame the banked roads for causing this issue
  • Normal wear and tear replacements
    • tyres, batteries, wipers, brake pads, shock absorbers, engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, oil drain washer,
  • Car care
A short writeup

Who would have thought that a cheap Korean car could last this long without any major problems. A neighbour of mine was so ‘jealous’ that he allegedly left a long line of scratch marks along the left-hand side of the car. I know, you want the new avante right, go buy one yourself. Stop scratching every new car you see in the carpark.

4 years on, apart from the silly scratch, the outer layer of the car is still rather shiny. 🙂

This shall be the last post about this avante for the time being. Nothing interesting left to talk about. Till something new pops up…


6 thoughts on “Avante: Concluding post

    • how i wish man. *HINT TO KOMOCO* I don’t mind being your advocate if you lob one car over now :P:P

      No lah, im being objective here too. It’s a really good car for its price. :)Buy one too. hahaa

  1. is tt reply for me?? u’re asking me to buy a car when i don’t even INTEND to learn how to drive..hmmm. hahahaha! funny ah u…

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