Saline Drip

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | drip, drip, drip.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | drip, drip, drip.

Oh my, I really detest needles. I will run away from needle-brandishing doctors. Okay, not literally run, but I would rather not have them poke me with needles. I told myself countless times that I will never want to be on a saline drip after seeing the pain that my dad went through.

That bubble of wishfulness had popped.

The doctor, realising that I was afraid, told me how girls also can take that short pain once the thin needle penetrated the skin. Haha, I didn’t dare to look at the process. I even told me dad and mum to not stare at me. Scary stuff, okay? Haha.

I got my first-ever drip at Singapore General Hospital. You see that blue thingy there with a yellow cap, yea, that was where they draw blood for the blood test and it was also where the saline solution was pumped in. The doctors and nurses handled this drip mechanism? very well once they found out that this is my first time. They calmly assured me that everything would be fine. One nurse even said, “Now, do you regret coming to the hospital?” What a funny question, but it was done in good taste. 🙂

So whilst waiting for the blood test result to come in, I had to endure this ant-bite feeling for about 2 hours. Thankfully, I couldn’t feel the solution dripping into my blood stream. And one more huge thing to thank God for – The blood test results had no anomalies. Yay!

More info:

Consultation alone at A&E costs S$90 flat. This includes medicine for 1 week, laboratory tests, consultation, minor surgery, etc. For more in-depth consultation (X-Ray, prescriptions that last more than 1 week, etc etc)

And oh yea, MediSave can only be used for inpatient services. Best alternative: Use your credit card to pay this $90 to get more points. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Saline Drip

  1. Congratss!! Thank God you’re bloodly alrightt!! Haha! 2 hrs of antbite nt short pain sia..haha! The flu jab alone made me wanna cry! So u get to pon work la..nt bad..still quite worth it aft all..

    • LOL, what is bloodly. A new word eh. hahaa. Still recovering lor. haha, yea, flu jab is much worse than this drip thingy. 🙂

      Hopefully, i get well enough to go back to work tomorrow lor. This whole week, I only worked 0.5 days sia. haha, cannot cannot. 🙂

    • and why your name keep changing sia. First it was catchthatplane, then it became xino. lol. if u use the same name, your comment will be automatically approved (i think) haha

  2. lol! i din realise tt u reply. they din tell me. lol! xino is my nickname, given by my j2 clique. lol! i have more nicknames, will introduce shortly. hahahahaha! bloodly means ur blood is ok la..which is easier:

    thank God your blood test results is alright!


    thank God you’re bloodly alright!


    • you must check ‘notify me if there are follow up comments’ 🙂

      your short-form = power!

      yea, really thank God man. now to wait for the specialist on the 25th. 🙂

  3. haha, it’s tmr. managed to bring it forward even more.

    No no, thank God I’m much better. Just wanna hear what the specialist have to say tmr lor.

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