Photo | BIG_MOUSE | On the 6th day of PI, I had to go to the doc's

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | On the 6th day of PI, I had to go to the doc's

On the 6th day of this Professional Internship, I went to the doctor to check on my unceasing feeing of nausea which started occurring during the recently concluded examinations. Normally, such desire to throw up will cease immediately after the examinations. 2 weeks on, I am still battling this bloated-stomach-and-I-just-want-to-throw-up-everything feeling.

I reached Bedok Polyclinic at 7.45am on Monday, and I am already the 101th person in line. 101th. Madness. Monday blues perhaps. 1 hour later, I finally reached the registration counter at 8.46am and was given the go-ahead to queue (yea, you spend more time queuing to see the doctor, than actually seeing the doctor) yet again. Thankfully, the number of current waiting patients was just 1 guy, not 3 as stated).

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, that’s what the doctor said I am suffering from. I have no soft stools, and no abdominal pains, and yet I am still diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. whut. The name of the ‘illness’ sounds scary enough though. He said that this can be triggered by stress, and that my digestive track is sensitive to intake to food. The doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist. I shall wait to hear from the specialist at SGH on the 9th of March. Oh and yes, the doctor gave me two days MC to rest. Surprisingly sia.

For now, I have to just pray and hope that this feeling will go away. I cannot stand having this feeling of wanting to throw up whenever I hear, smell or see food.

And I hope that my ‘grades’ for PI won’t get affected because of this. Yea, I know that WKWSCI’s PI is not graded, but still…


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  1. u din say 9th march..i thot 9th jan..then today alr 11th jan..害我觉得怪怪的. dun worryy! u’re safe in the arms of the Lord!(:

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