Operation: 21st Video

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Lovely, I just love these disclaimers

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Lovely, I just love these disclaimers

I just love churning videos after videos even though time is so tight already. Both the instant and the delayed gratifications from editing videos are the main motivation factors.

Collating the raw clips from different sources is super interesting. Apart from behind-the-scenes footage, you can check out unglam photos, videos and audio clips. All the outtakes, all the random stuff. Super fun.

During the editing process, you get to freeze-frame people in weird poses and positions, you get to play the video in reverse. You can speed up the playback speed like a million times just to see your ‘actors’ convulsing in front of you.

Apart from apples and what-not, exercising the imaginative and creative side keeps you healthy. I find that when I do videos, I tend to get ‘high’. I will start singing for no reason. I will become slightly more hyperactive for some unknown reason.

However, when the entire piece comes together with the appropriate music tracks, video fxs and transitions, and it gets played in front of an appreciative and impressed audience, that would be the strongest motivating factor.

On that bombshell (Thank you Clarkson), I hope this video will be good enough for you despite me just having 3 nights to complete this. 🙂


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