1 more day to … 24 weeks at StarHub

Photo | Internet | Starhub Green at Ubi

Photo | Internet | StarHub Green at Ubi

Yea, a stock photo from some random website. I shall have my own set of photos of StarHub Green really really soon. All the photos on the web are like so weird and corporatish. haha

YAY (for now at least)! 24 weeks of corporate life at StarHub. No textbooks, no funny projects and no written examinations that takes up 30% of my final grade. 24 hours to my first day at work and I am this optimistic. Let’s see if this optimism can last through those 24 weeks, and hopefully longer.

StarHub’s new Ubi office at StarHub Green spans three levels in both wings of the environment-friendly building, recently given the Greenmark Gold award.

About half of StarHub’s total staff strength of 2,700 is now based at StarHub Green. As a result of staff polls, facilities in StarHub Green include a Mini Theatre, Gym, Reading Room, Nursing Rooms, Function Rooms and spacious pantries that hold snooker tables, football tables and massage chairs. Staff even voted for types of working desks, cabinets, whiteboards and office chairs that they would prefer to use. (Source)

Nice, the anticipation is killing me.

Now, what should I wear tmr. A white or a pink shirt. blah! so hard to decide. And should I get a bus concession. blah! And is there a pathway from 24/28’s bus stop into StarHub Green. rawr! Questions that will be answered tomorrow.


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