Koyote: MTS Converter

Starting 2011 with a post on a FREE video converter. What a way to start 2011 on this blog, but hey, this software ‘saved’ my life. Without this, I would either be still crawling through the web for other solutions, or I would have gone with a US$20 option.

Screen Shot | BIG_MOUSE | Koyote's FREE MTS video converter

Screen Shot | BIG_MOUSE | Koyote's FREE MTS video converter

The problem:

  • I filmed an entire wedding proceeding using a Panasonic SD Card Video Camera. And I assumed that FCP would be able to read *.mts files generated by the camera . There, I had almost 16GB of video files which FCP couldn’t read. DARN!

The solution:

This is the ONLY free MTS converter available that I have come across after weeks of searching. So download it before the developers change their minds. Please note that this software only works on broken windows. There are also various shareware or paid-for programs on the internet. Just search for ‘MTS converters’, and you will get a whole list of websites pointing to the SAME software. Go try it.

A note: Koyote has many other products. So please check through their product listing carefully.


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