COM433: Study Guide Included

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Oooo, study guide
Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Oooo, study guide

Yay! Exams are over! Thank God man, mad semester is over, and I won’t have to go back to NTU till like August 2011. 9 whole months. Okay, apart from having to survive a 6-month internship from January onwards, I have a total of 3 months to slack. woohoo.

Yeap, about COM433. It is a hard paper. But COM401 was the hardest and COM428 was the harder paper. It’s all relative. So to make things less confusing, COM433 is the easiest paper of the 3 I’ve taken this semester.

One, the study guide you see above was released to us a few weeks before the exams which made studying for the examinations really so much easier. Two, I had 7 days to study for this paper man after completing my 2nd last paper on the 15th. It was like running 20 rounds just to complete a 2.4km run. Studying become a real chore towards the end of the 7 days, 22th dec.

This course requires you to do a major project for a ‘client’ within 2 months or so. For my class, we had NTU Corporate Communication Office as our client. We were tasked to do primary research on key stakeholders of NTU to get their perceptions about NTU, its communication channels and objectives.

That research project takes up loads of time, so just be prepared. It was a great experience though. The experience would be complete if this course had no final exams.

Anyway this course provides a macro perspective of Corporate Communications with frameworks, theories and models. However, the lecturer gives pretty good case studies, and appropriate movie screenings too to substantiate her points.


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