Mandatory Give Way to Buses Scheme: Thoughts

Image | LTA | Mandatory Give-Way to Buses Scheme

Image | LTA | Mandatory Give-Way to Buses Scheme

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) extends the Mandatory Give Way to Buses Scheme to 29 additional bus bays. With this extension, there will be a total of 202 bus-bays island-wide under this scheme. The full list of bus stops affected (or infected) by this scheme can be found here.

Okay, I am not going to type Mandatory Give Way to Buses Scheme multiple times. I shall give it a nice nickname – MGWBS (someone please think of a nice way to remember this acronym, examination style).

This MGWBS is quite cool. Some bus drivers already drive their buses like they own the roads. Now, they are going to think that they are the kings of the road. Cool! Anyway, MGWBS would really help along crowded roads like Eunos link where buses wait for a long time just to find a lull in traffic flow to filter out. During my NS days, I had to take 45 to SCDF HQ. My, the wait along Eunos link was quite maddening especially when I am late and did not want to sign extras (but I got to admire cars in the showrooms though). Cool!

2 years have passed since the introduction of this scheme, and I have not needed to give way to any buses yet. whew! haha, don’t want to be stuck behind those behemoths blocking my view.

Some observations about MGWBS

  1. I can’t see the give way triangles and the yellow box at night during torrential rains.
    • In Singapore, it doesn’t just rain, it pours.
    • When the rain comes down hard, there is no way people are going to see those yellow give way posters or the yellow/white markings on the road.
    • Just a few weeks ago when El Nino or El Nina was wrecking havoc, I drove past a bus stop without even noticing the signs.
    • What if some super ‘on’ traffic warden decide to put on a raincoat and start snapping pictures, GG!
  2. The lane becomes under-utilised
    • Drivers avoid driving near the yellow box as though there are spike strips or something there.
    • It’s quite funny how people swing out to the adjacent lane just to avoid that yellow bermuda triangle even when there are no buses even remotely close.



When nearing a bus stop under this scheme, motorists will first see triangular give way markings on the road. These markings indicate that motorists approaching these bus stops need to slow down and watch in case buses are pulling out of the bus bay. Motorists come to a complete stop before the give way line and give way to buses exiting the bus bay at the location. Motorists may continue their journey once the bus has successfully exited the bus bay and no other buses are pulling out from the bus bay. (Source)

It will be a traffic offence (fulfil one of these 2 conditions and you will get fined $130, no demerit points though)

  1. If motorists do not give way to buses exiting from bus bays where the new road markings are drawn
  2. If they stay in the yellow box marked ‘Give Way to Buses’.


***I am still quite irritated at how they can quickly come up with new initiatives and yet not enforce their older ones. Hmm, let me see. Maybe if you start enforcing your speed limits for heavy vehicles, there will be less jams, less catastrophic accidents on our expressways? Maybe if you kept those vehicles to the left lanes, there will be “an improvement” of overall speeds on our expressways. rawr.


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