Crizal Lenses: Live Life in the Clear: Features Part 2

I have been testing my replacement pair for about a week now and yay, this pair is now a real Crizal-equipped one. Here’s a short, succinct review of Crizal’s claim to combat the 5 enemies of lenses (reflections, scratches, smudges, water and dust.


Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - No More Glare

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - No More Glare

Crizal lenses eliminate reflections and ‘ghost’ images caused by artificial light. No more sudden ‘starburst’ glares from car headlights, or dizziness from prolonged staring at computer screens. When I received my pair at Capitol Optical, I immediately looked up and stared at the ceiling lights to check this. My old pair tended to add those flares and star-like glow from any light source. It was quite irritating. For this new Crizal pair, I have had no problems when staring at any light source. I have yet to wear this pair for night cycling yet though.

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - No more Scratches

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - No more Scratches

Crizal’s scratch-resistant coating ensures optimal visual clarity at all times. Again, I really hate lines appearing across my lenses. It is not only distracting, it is also hurts the eye. A week on, no matter whether I use tissue or the micro-fibre cloth, no lines have appeared. Another thing, Crizal lenses are much smoother than my old glasses. Wiping away dirt or fingerprints takes almost no effort at all. Without the need to press hard on Crizal lenses when cleaning, it may also explain why scratches do not form too.

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - What Smudges?

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - What Smudges?

Honestly, Crizal’s lenses are not 100% anti-smudge. The lenses are still relatively susceptible to fingerprint smudges, especially if you have real dirty or oily palms and fingers. The thing here to note is that Crizal lenses ‘repel’ smudges by making those oily marks easy to clean off. Just use anything clean and you can wipe them off. You can even use your fingers (must be clean though) to rid your Crizal lenses of smudges. Try it to believe it.

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - RainX-like

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - RainX-like

Similar to how RainX coating repels water off your car windows, Crizal lenses do repel water relatively well. However, small droplets will still remain on the lenses. This phenomena also applies to the RainX coating on cars. When the majority of the water droplets drip away from the RainX coated glass, very small droplets are left behind. This can be explained by some chemistry or physics theory, but I think I shall not go into that now. Too boring. 🙂 However, just wipe the small droplets away, and tada, you get super clear lenses again.

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - Lesser dust particles

Image | BIG_MOUSE | Crizal - Lesser dust particles

This feature can be seen quite clearly. Look at how the dust particles obscure the road sign. Small, humorous details in their advertisement articles. nice.

Obviously, we Singaporeans do not have the chance to go off-road so I had to contend with a simple test. During the short period when PSI levels were quite high, I cleaned both my new and my old pair, and then left them alone. Comparing them side-by-side after a few hours, quite a few particles had already attached themselves to my old pair. The Crizal-equipped one also had dust particles on it. However, with just a puff of air (from my mouth duh), the dust ‘flies’ away. 🙂 As for my old glasses, I just kept it immediately after the test as cleaning it would be quite a chore. 🙂


This shall be the last post glorifying the benefits of Crizal Lenses (for now). I really hope that you are now more informed about this revolutionary equipment. A real good investment to protect your eyes too. My dad got influenced to get a Crizal-equipped pair too, what about you?

Feel free to drop me a comment should you have any more questions or clarifications. For more information, please read my other posts or visit Crizal’s official website.

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2 thoughts on “Crizal Lenses: Live Life in the Clear: Features Part 2

  1. I have a serious trouble with the smudges on my lenses every once in half an hour… Even contact of my lashes with the lense leave patches behind… No doubt it is easy to clean but who really carries a wiping cloth and the time for this???
    I wasn’t even given a wiping cloth with the purchase of my eyeglasses 😦 😦 Totally unhappy with this feature….

    • Hi there. Thank you for your comments. Yea, Crizal lenses are not advertised to be totally free from all the enemies of vision. I have some issues with scratches as well. Thankfully, they advertised their products as only being “resistant” to those said issues.

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