COM401: Combine all your theories, and apply them

Another lie? Firstly, I am glad that this paper is less tedious compared to the past 2 years’ exam papers. It is more regurgitation than application actually. This paper didn’t need anything from the lectures or the tutorials after Week 8. Wasted precious time going to those early morning classes. 😦

However, this may not be repeated in the years to come, so just be prepared. 🙂

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Budgeting + Communication Studies Undergraduate

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Budgeting + A Communication Studies Undergraduate

  1. First question (Q1)
    • Out of the whole paper, we only needed ONE example of the 43 group presentations (from dropbox at least) to answer the first question.
    • Instead of just choosing 3/6 out of all the 401 concepts for the first application question, we had to use ALL 10 401 concepts to apply to that ONE example.
    • The thing here is that every group presentation handled specific aspects of 401. Example: Some groups handled how companies did their budgets, some handled their org structure, some handled environmental facts. It was quite unreasonable to get us to use ONE example to explain all those concepts. 😦
  2. Second question (Q4)
    • I did this simple regurgitation question. You know, you know. You don’t know, just smoke.
    • However, the terms that he asked us to describe were like common sensical. HAHA!
    • So this would be the easiest question, but I had only about 20 minutes to complete this question. Handwriting + Point Form = POWER!
  3. Third question (Q6) (See image above)
    • Looking at the amount of scribblings, this question is the only tedious question here (but the easiest to score, to me). Easter egg: There is an algebraic equation in the mess.
    • I took a while hour on this question, double checking and triple checking my calculations. LOL
    • Maths + CS student = … It’s been a long time, a long long time.

COM401 is a course that ascribes complicated terms, theories and models to common sense. For example: A manager will need to motivate their subordinates. In 401, you will learn various models and theories to support that common sensical task. 🙂 Attendance make up 10% of the module, with exams taking 40% and group project and essay taking the rest of the percentage. I think that’s all I have for COM401. Enjoy this compulsory module (unless you go for exchange and successfully match an overseas university’s course to 401)


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