All the best…

for many of us, it will be our 1st paper, so all the best. For those who have papers on the 23rd, you have 11 days more. For me, I have 10 more days, 22nd. 🙂

COM428 tomorrow. No past year exam papers to refer to and consult. The lecturer keeps telling us that the paper is easy and would be a breeze. Statements like these are hard to believe. I want to believe it, but for the past few times when I trusted tips from lecturers, the exam papers are totally different from the hints and more difficult than expected.

Trust, don’t trust, that’s the main question for now. Thank goodness it’s an open book exam, so memorising is (hopefully) not needed.

Before I go, it’s almost Christmas. 🙂 So here’s Glee’s quite awesome rendition of ‘Last Christmas’.

I am so going to have great dreams about financial reports, media relations, press releases, crisis writing, holding statements, tools of PR writing, 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep… I LOVE 428, you LOVE 428, we LOVE 428.


2 thoughts on “All the best…

    • LOL, you are fast too. 🙂 haha hard lah. We still have to trust them with the tips they give. there is just so much to study. anyway, all the best too!

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