one, you’re like a dream come true

There are no other brands (at ntuc, coldstorage) who call hotdogs, wieners. And wiener is a really rare word. The only time I saw it in writing was when I opened my COM207 (Communication History) textbook by Rogers.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Ikea's Dogs

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Ikea's Dogs

A real dream come true. I have been wanting to buy these frankfurters for the longest time. I could only stare at them in the refrigerator, or to spend 1 buck to buy the sausage + bun set.

The same ‘excuse’ given would be that I wouldn’t be going home straight after shopping at Ikea. So this purchase got delayed till now – when I had to send in an Ikea office chair (Verner – but please don’t buy this model) for a 100% refund.

Yes! I got my horrogs/hotdogs/dogs/frankfurters/sausages. 2 packs of 5 at $4.10 each. I just consumed 3 today, and my, it was reaallly good with onions, lettuce, cucumber and carrots. Sadly, no flood of mustard, tomato and chilli though.

Okay, maybe not LIKE a dream come true, but a dream COME true. Can’t wait to clear their shelves the next time.


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