am not an engineer

In no way I am trying to insult or condemn this career track. This picture I came across on Facebook is too epic not to repost.

Photo | Facebook | Engineer?

Photo | Facebook | Engineer?

Totally agree with this. Every time my lecturers bring up something about financials, calculations, mathematics, I will groan, WE, the artsy students, will groan. Tell me, who in the ‘right’ mind will cancel the ‘T’ off ‘two’ and ‘ten’.

It is interesting to see how engineers problem solve.

Thankfully, I am not a 100% an engineer. I don’t like maths. I don’t like complex calculations. I don’t like chemistry. I hate  write chemical equations. I hate drawing those weird organic chemistry model. But, but, I love physics, seriously love physics. For some weird reason that I have yet to find out, I love physics. And I am super into info-tech stuff.

So what does that make me? Artineer, engart, engit, itart, arit, and I particularly like this one, phart.


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