Workshop: Koreans

This is by far the best workshop, both in service quality and customer service, I have ever gone to do regular maintenance. The main thing that attracts me to a product or service is the level of customer orientated service provided. You treat me well and make me feel good, you will definitely get my business. Whether or not your product is good is secondary.

SEBSauto is a workshop that specialises in korean cars. Situated at a nice corner on level two at Autobay (kakit bukit), the shop is run by a guy (Sebastian – that should be where the shop name came from) who drives a Honda CRV and a lady boss (can’t remember her name). With a knowledgable in-house mechanic (most likely from Malaysia) who normally arrives at 9am, 30minutes after the shop opens, work is done efficiently and carefully too.

Just a note, even though they say that they do not charge a premium on consumables bought from them, they actually do. So please purchase your parts from a stockist before going there. Their labour charges are quite reasonable, not the cheapest, but hey, they fix up your car really well. (in my opinion that is)

Opening hours: Monday – Friday (8.30am to 5pm), Saturday (8.30am to 12pm)

If any opportunity arise, I should ‘volunteer’ myself to manage their presently-nonexistent website. soon, soon.



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