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  2. hey nice rayban u got there, i just got myself a pair too. Anyway I tried breathing out on both my lenses but the crizal watermark only appear on one of them. Just wondering if yours appear on both or the same?

      • Alright thanks for the reply. Omg I actually alr suspect that they give me normal lense because the 1st time I collect my spec, there were some v fine hairline scratches on the lenses and so I went back after discovering it to make an exchange. And they actually didn’t give me the crizal warranty card until I asked and they asked me to collect it together after they fixed my lense which take like 2 weeks. So I’m suspecting they change only one of the lense to crizal, maybe just to get warranty card for me. I’m going back tomorrow and it’s it truth then it’s really v bad business ethic. Can I ask u another qns, how do u know abt this watermark thing, did ur optical shop told u abt it? Sorry for the long reply cos i felt really disturbed abt this matter.

  3. no problem. you can look at my other posts too. I first received a set of glasses WITHOUT crizal lenses too. I was quite pissed then. But the difference was that i actually received the warranty card.

    yeap, definitely you should go back to set things right. So far, all these months, there is NOT ONE single scratch on my lenses. So definite,y yours is not Crizal coated. 🙂

    Hmm, my friend and I were testing the qualities to see if what Crizal advertised was really true or not. Then we found out about the watermark. 😛

    That watermark helped me realised that the lens I had wasn’t really Crizal lenses.

      • haha, for me, they handled the issue quite well. They told me it may have been a mixup, or that the Crizal lens may be defective. Haha, I am not pursuing the matter as of now though.

  4. hi all
    I am from muscat, am using crizal eye glasses for last two years.

    I bought the glasses from India and I recieved the authentication card as well as the crisziline cloth. Also the watermark is there with both the glasses.

    last week by some mistake of mine it got broken and i replaced both the glasses from muscat.

    but i didnt get any card, cloth and also not even have the watermark on glasses.
    When i asked the opticals they said they wil give the card tommorow as it was at their laboratory. And they said now there is no water mark on glasses.

    What do you think do i really got cheated by them?..or

    • hmm, put your lenses through tests to see if they can resist those 5 common enemies of normal lenses. If it is not crizal-equipped, im sure you can tell.

      About doing those tests, you could approach your optical shop to find out more about the missing watermark (and confront them if you must should your new lenses do not resist those 5 enemies..

      In Singapore, old Crizal lenses didn’t have the watermark. My optical shop told me that the newer lenses from Crizal will have the watermark.

  5. did you get any crizal cleaning cloth with your crizal? many people commented they got. i only got the certificate of authenticity, no cleaning cloth and no crizal watermark. is it authentic crizal?

    • Hi there. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I received both the Crizal cloth and the Optical-branded microfibre cloth. There should be a watermark. Would you like to check with your optical shop to ensure that your lenses are equipped with Crizal

      • do you have pictures of the Crizal cloth? is it the same as the essilor MX100 microfibre cloth? thought some people said they do away with watermarking for newer lenses? so is it with or without watermark now?

      • Hi there. I currently do not have pictures of that cloth yet. Will take that when I’m free.

        About the watermark, the shop told me that OLDER versions do not have the watermark. The main thing to check now is whether your lens can resist those 5 enemies of clear vision. If they are not doing that good a job, you will straight away know that they are not Crizal lenses. 🙂

      • Hi there. Sorry for the confusion. There is no Crizal-branded cloth given to me. I have 2 microfibre cloth – the optical shop’s + the spectacle manufacturer’s.

  6. hello…
    me and my brother purchased crizal lenses two weeks back. and both us got half cut cloth.
    also only each of our lens has crizal watermark. when i asked him , he said that sometimes in cutting this mark doesn’t come. i doubt if he’s cheating us.
    can u tell me where i can actually complaint against them ???
    pls reply as soon as possible. m greatly tensed. we paid 1850/- for each pair of lens…

    • Hi Shalini, thank you for your query. It’s good to insist for the watermark on both your glasses. I got my replaced because the watermark was missing too. In addition, you can gently test both sides of your lenses to see if they can resist dust, watermarks, etc. If you see that one lens perform better than the other, you have a better chance of getting them to replace the watermark-less lens

  7. HI, i too did my spectacles with crizal lens a few moths back, i was given the authenticity card by the shop. but my lens already have fine scratches and the water mark are missing. is the watermark the only way to authenticate the crizal lens? or can i bring it to essilor to authenticate.

    • Hi Jason, thanks for your comment. I would suggest that you proceed to the optical shop that served you to ask them for advice. I also had similar issues with the lenses not living up to the claims, and thus was given a new set of lenses. Those new lenses came with the watermark.

      • I went back to ask them. My wife’s spectacles had the mark on one side only.
        I ask them how come mine do not even have any watermark, she simply brushed it off saying that it might be from different batches. I have contacted crizal singapore about it and have asked them how do i confirm that i am indeed given crizal lens, now waiting for their reply.

      • Hi Jason. Thanks for your updates. Your comment will help fellow readers who use Crizal lenses. Just so you know, the stall I went to explained that lenses without the Crizal watermark may be from older batches.

        Feel free to keep us updated!

  8. i had the same problem. only 1 side of the lense got the crizal mark. and the 1 without the mark has lots of hairline scratches and on certain lighting it reflect purplish instead of the other 1 which is greenish. going down to the optical shop complain tomorrow. thanks alot for the info bro. thought im the only 1. gosh

  9. I got my lenses replaced with Crizal Advanced here in Singapore. I got charged S$180 after a discount of 40$. Looks cool. I get the hologram, it’s scratch free, and repels water too. It’s very clean and clear. But the shop didn’t provide me the warranty card. When asked, she said you can just drop by if you have any problems within a year.

    • Glad to know you are enjoying the lenses as well. You should definitely insist on having the warranty card from your optical shop. Anyhow, just keep the purchase receipt just in case.

      • I do not have Crizal watermark on my lense. When I went to the store, he quickly called his rep from essilor and the rep told me they don’t put the watermark on the glasses anymore. I asked the rep what kind of proof is there that my glasses are from Crizal, the rep said the envelope that was sent to the store which had my prescription on it. The optician quickly handed me the crizal envelops which contained my lenses. The envelopes had details such as left or right eye as well as my prescipition. I’m pretty sure my glasses are crizal now.:). Chances are quite slim that somebody else has my exact prescription for each eye and ordered crizal.

    • Hey there. Thanks for your comments. Hmm, I wouldn’t think there is any other way except us trusting the opticians. Cause there is no other tangible ways I can think of to verify the integrity of the lens.

  10. Hi, i just did my crizal lens too. Is it possible that one side of the lens come with crizal watermark and the other side without? according to the optical shop i went to, they said its normal.

    • Hi CP

      The main reason why I went back is that my lenses doesn’t seem to repel any dust or water. There wasn’t a huge difference between my old lens and the Crizal one. That was when I insisted on the watermark as my friend’s lens had.

      You test your lens to see if there is a significant difference. If there is, you can go back and get it replaced!

  11. Hi, just got new glasses with Crizal coating in New York. Are yours smudge free? when you touch the lenses with fingers do you leave any fingerprints on? i was told that it should be none but i am still getting them. BTW there is no watermark on my glasses

    • Hi, I think the manufacturer said that their lenses are smudge resistant, not smudge proof. My experience is that the Crizal lenses do not attract fingerprints as much as my other lenses.

  12. Just to contribute to this post:
    I ordered crizal high index lenses from Eye Appeal store in Seabrook, NH and when I went to pick them up there were no certificate of authenticity or markings on the lenses! I was shown the sealed envelopes that they came in that said essilor crizal and wasnt happy about it until I read someones’s comments here that they got the same thing too. So, now I just have to try them and see if they’re any different. But if anyone knows of a way to let essilor or crizal know that even if my lenses are actually authentic thenit would still be nice to have some sort of guarantee that they are apart from the claimed good quality because I will never buy them again without proof.

  13. At first used notice the logo ‘Crizal’ appears after i wash my eyeglass, but just after a week or two weeks, the word ‘Crizal’ doesn’t disappear in the lens even my eye glass is dry. This could affect my eye sight like the scratches, did you have that same experience ?

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