credit sequences

Today, I am, once again, reminded that credit sequences usually do not include everyone’s names. It’s hard to recall every single person who helped out in a production, movie, soundtrack, etc.

I am reminded that this lack of recognition is not only apparent in soundnlights crew. This phenomena applies to quite a lot of other jobs and responsibilities too. Without your makeup artists, your actors would suck. Without your foley artists, you will have no sound effects. Without your grip, your microphones would be useless. Without your mechanics, your drivers, your cleaners, your cooks, your film will not be a film.

I think I have gotten used to this already. I shall persevere to do all things well despite how sometimes people just seem to forget or miss those small, supposedly insignificant details.

But it would be a nice touch for a producer or a director (or anyone else in that position) to remember every single person who contributed to the final masterpiece.

Wouldn’t it be nice? Maybe.


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