vivid dreams

I. must. wake. up. and. type. this. post. now.

Dragged myself out of bed at this unearthly hour on a day with no lessons, in the hope that I won’t forgot the dreams I had.

Dream no.1:

  • I just reach my house carpark after doing something somewhere. As I was parking the car, I noticed someone, somebody I can recognise, doing something illegal. As I got out of my car to get home quickly, he and a few others involved in similar activities left the carpark at the same time.

Dream no.2 (no, it’s been a long time since i played l4d):

  • This graphic dream appeared to have taken place in slow motion
  • This time round, I am walking along an expressway. An accident just took place involving X cars. The entire expressway is cordoned off to traffic. I can hear screams, wailing. The overall deathly vibes radiated through my body.
  • I continued walking past the cordon, past the main accident site, past the mangled wreckage, into the triage area. I see firemen/paramedics asking badly injured people, one by one, to go into headstand positions and then to spin themselves 360 degrees.
  • A few didn’t respond to the firemen/paramedics’ calls to do that. One tried, but he couldn’t complete the full 360 and fell back onto the ground. He started screaming in pain. That blood curdling scream, I can still remember vividly. Spoiling the whole mood, someone behind me then joked about how they all look like zombies. I ignored that person.
  • Paramedics then left with those who could complete the 360-degree headstand

Dreams can get really weird. hmm. Now, what do they mean, or what are those dreams trying to tell me? Weird.



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