Love thy neighbours


Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Litterbug

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Litterbug

Tell me how to love my neighbours. How hard is it to bring the rubbish down to the ground floor? Is it really that hard? You lug 50,60,70kg up and down a few times a day, and you (you being a general term) can’t bring some lightweight rubbish down to the dustbin. Mind you, you also have a rubbish chute in your own home too.

The littering problem in my estate is getting really bad. People staying in the lower floors throw their used tissues out of their windows. Thankfully, that particular someone had the mind to enclose those stained tissue wipes in transparent plastic bags before flinging them out the window. [will try to upload a photo of this soon] Other neighbours also complained to us about how some people throw scrabble pieces, and other nonsense out their windows onto parked cars below, causing dents and what-not.

And just about 12 hours ago, a palm tree caught fire after a kid allegedly threw a lit sparkler/fire cracker and got it stuck up in the branches. This ‘playful’ act which ignited the dried branches/leaves caused a small fire that emitted loads of stinky smoke. Called 995, the engine came within like a minute, and the police came about 10 minutes after. The police then took over the investigation [sorry, the video I took was too dark to make out anything, so not going to upload it :(]



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