Avante: Engine Bay / Fan Belt / Timing Chain


Image | BIG_MOUSE | Engine Bay: LHS
Image | BIG_MOUSE | Avante Engine Bay: LHS



Look at the picture above, the fan belt is labelled. The belt is normally located near the alternator, the aircon compressor, etc. This belt regulates and provides power via mechanical means. Some cars have radiator fans that are controlled by this FAN belt. This belt doesn’t control valves timing (see: Timing Chain below)

Fan belts need to be replaced and re-tensioned every 70/80,000 km.

Visually check your fan belts once in a while to ensure that the rubber isn’t hardened and there are no cracks in the belt. If it snaps, your car may loose power totally (including power to essential safety equipment).

For avante drivers/owners, proceed to Song Yi Hyundai Stockist to get the belt at $25.


Common questions: What is a timing chain? What is a timing belt? What are the differences?

Simple answer: Timing chain/belt is the essential equipment that controls the opening and closing of the engine’s valves in an internal combustion engine. It’s a very important piece in your engine. You do not want your pistons to move irregularly, thus misfiring. Read more here (wiki). Read your car manual’s to find out if your car is equipped with the chain or the belt. (Avante is equipped with Timing Chain woohoo)

Key Differences:

  1. one
    1. Chain – Timing chain needs no replacement for the life of the car (unless something goes really wrong)
    2. Belt – Timing belt needs to be replaced every 70/80,000 km (look at your car’s manual to get the exact service interval. Replacement is quite troublesome (and definitely expensive) as the engine needs to be dismantled or even removed from its housings.
  2. two
    1. Chain – If your engine emits way too much noise, much more than usual, please get your timing chain checked out.
    2. Belt – Just change before your service interval. Don’t skimp on this.
  3. three
    1. Chain – Normally need not replace, just need to readjust tension or check for breakages. Timing chain looks like your typical bicycle chain.
    2. Belt – It’s a rubber belt similar to the fan belt you see in the image above. Because it is made of rubber, it can lose tension rather easily, and if your car is constantly exposed to bad weather (especially hot and humid Singapore), it will degrade relatively quickly.



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