shorter todo list

I am proud to strike more items off my to-do list. 2 more items, 2 more items

  • com401 essay submission (globalisation) – 19nov
  • com424 10-page script submission – 19nov
  • com428 grp project 2, financial press release – 10nov
  • com428 grp project 3, forum replies – unknown
  • com433 grp presentation, preception study about ntu – 29nov (almost done til AM changed some requirements)
  • AAI486 grp presentation (acoustics) – 26nov
  • AAI486 essay submission – 3dec (halfway there)

I opened facebook and saw this youtube link my friend posted. (Watch from 1min 20secs onwards if you wanna plunge right into the action) (loads of vulgarities though)

Although I don’t condone the use of vulgarities even in situations like this, I really can understand why the driver who had the in-car recorder (I shall call him VICTIM) was that pissed with the mazda3 driver (i shall call him DUMBO). From the video, the victim already stopped well before the yellow box, giving the mazda3 driver enough space and even time to accelerate away from the stop line to go left. I could make out the the middle finder that was supposedly pointed by dumbo, but something got that victim really heated up. Some drivers like this dumbo here needs to be educated. (the victim shouldn’t be so vulgar too haha)

Something to spice up your saturday morning.



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