Corp Comms: A Different Angle (HP & Exams)

This article was submitted to fulfil com433’s e-learning post.

Wk12 E-Learning Discussions for COM433: SEAB, Outram Secondary, MOE & Xavier Ong

Xavier, a private O-level candidate, brought his mobile phone into the examination venue. He then allegedly took a picture of the cover page of his exam script and attached it to a tweet taunting others (STOMP, 2010).

I first heard about this from Twitter, and from that moment on, I got quite interested at how SEAB, MOE, Outram Secondary School and Xavier himself will handle this situation.

One of the first published article from our media conglomerate, SPH, came from STOMP. When the news first broke to the general public, the first party that was involved in this situation to respond was Xavier.

Having the power of social media outlets to express his initial views and to clarify any doubts, he could have strategically angled his speed on Youtube to spin the story around. SEAB, MOE and Outram Secondary do not usually engage the social media, thus Xavier had that advantage. His main claim is that the teacher did nothing to enforce the rule that students are not allowed to bring handphones into the examination venue. However, in his first video to STOMP, he wasted precious time and went on and on about other irrelevant stuff that only serve to anger viewers even more. Looking at the comments, and the number of dislikes (68 so far), people are not really happy with him.

Also, looking at how STOMP uses weird pictures of Xavier in their posts and updates would quite clearly show the editors or the reporters’ attitude towards him. This would exemplify how your relationships with the media and its personnel can really make or break your case.

Finally, SEAB and MOE hasn’t released any information at all to the public about this case. We only get updates from Xavier himself. If Xavier was shrewd enough, he could have tarnished the image of SEAB and MOE quite badly. Their respective Corp Comms Departments would have to do loads more damage control if this situation got out of hand. Parents, students who just took their O-Levels would a;sp want to hear an account from the examination board. Silence or ‘no comments’ will not work in any situations. At least, reassure the public that investigations are going on, no. Even RazorTV mentioned that SEAB has not commented about this situation.



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