Crizal Lenses: My First Media Conference

Okay, fine, it is not really a conference. It’s more like a 1-1 media briefing, but the feeling’s actually quite awesome. My first official media briefing session. Good experience before my official 6-month internship. Thanks to Hui Ting (senior pr executive, vibes communications) for arranging this session at Capitol Optical @ Raffles City and Daen (asst. pr manager, vibes communications) for conducting the briefing/introductory session.

Photo | skyline imaging | Dust & water get repelled from Crizal lenses

Photo | skyline imaging | Dust & water get repelled from Crizal lenses

Daen demonstrated the various features of Crizal lenses and tested out the various technology that went into those lenses. He gave me a chance to experience the superior dust and water repelling capabilities myself. It was really impressive. He also explained about the various ranges that Crizal offers.  All in all, they were really friendly and professional.

Photo | skyline imaging | E, N, Y, L

Photo | skyline imaging | E, N, Y, L

Qin Li from Capitol Optical then handled my eye check, and once again, the process of choosing an appropriate frame involved almost everyone there. Daen preferred plastic frames with round lenses which, well, I can’t pull off well (=p), Irwin and Kai waneds me to wear something different, really different. wow! haha.

After about 30 minutes (right?), Daen found a Police branded frame that was quite comfortable and refreshing. It was quite a bit more expensive as compared to frames from your neighbourhood shops though.

It was quite a great experience. 🙂



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