SPC: Gasoline Engine Oil [An Introduction]

SPC is somehow not synonymous with good quality control. I have been using SPC for about 3.5 years now. Every single top-up seems different. Sometimes, I get ultra good economy from a tank, and others times I get super lousy economy even though driving conditions/routes are relatively constant.

Still, their petrol discounts are the best if you have both SPC&U card and POSB Everyday Card (discount of 19.25% currently). And if you that uncle or aunty-ish, go to spc bukit panjang or spc sengkang to get $2 off every $30 pumped.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Front view: SPC SYNACE

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Front view: SPC SYNACE

In addition to giving the best petrol discount in SG’s market, about a month back, SPC held a campaign to get their SPC&U card members to update their personal particulars. You just needed to pump $100 worth of petrol in a month and update those particulars online, to get a $60 dollars discount off their SYNACE engine oil.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Back view: SPC SYNACE

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Back view: SPC SYNACE

My dad paid just $38 dollars for this 4litre bottle of viscous liquid. We are currently using Shell engine oil which we got at $44 from Giant/Carrefour half a way back. We will be using this SPC SYNACE within the next 2 months. Stay tune for a short review about this ‘cheap’ oil. 🙂 (*prays that this won’t screw up the engine in any way*) haha, in the mean time, feel free to click on the photos to get close up views, or visit this link to download the datasheet for this engine oil.

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